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Who are we?


Welcome to Aix Global Justice, your premier destination for comprehensive legal solutions in the field of international law. Founded in 2015 by ambitious doctoral students from Aix-en-Provence Law School and Professor Ludovic Hennebel, the Clinic is now a non-governmental organization. Aix Global Justice quickly became a leading academic force, engaged in major litigation, cutting-edge research and expert advisory services in various fields of international law.


At Aix Global Justice, we are deeply committed to promoting justice on a global scale. Our multidisciplinary legal clinic collaborates seamlessly with law firms, consultancies, non-governmental organizations, activist associations and international organizations, strengthening our influence and expertise in areas such as international human rights law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law and refugee law.


One of our core missions is to provide outstanding training in international law. In addition to our renowned training programs, Aix Global Justice is a leading venue for stimulating conferences and seminars featuring distinguished international experts and professors specialized in the field of international law. These events serve as a platform for intellectual exchange, fostering a dynamic community of legal professionals and enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on making our conferences accessible to all, with recordings and online broadcasts available for wider distribution.


Discover the power of Aix Global Justice and unleash the potential of international law. Whether you're looking for strong legal representation, innovative research, tailored advice or transformative education, we're committed to providing exceptional services that make a real impact in the field of global justice. Join us in shaping a more just and equitable world.


Contact us today to explore the possibilities. Together, let's redefine the boundaries of justice in the international arena.

The services we offer 

Amicus Curiae

We provide assistance and file Amicus Curiae before regional systems in the field of international human rights law.

The doctrinal approach adopted by the Clinic most often consists in highlighting the comparative and inter-systemic perspective of the legal solutions proposed by international judges and bodies in response to a legal controversy at the heart of a particular dispute. Amicus briefs may be written exclusively by the Clinic, or in partnership with other clinics, NGOs or universities as part of joint initiatives.

Legal reports

Our reports are based on in-depth research and analysis of human rights legislation. They document specific cases of human rights violations, identify the perpetrators and assess the legal remedies available.

Geopolitical watch

We monitor the political and security situation in countries of origin, and use this information to assess the risks faced by individuals.

 We have a team of experienced analysts who monitor the situation in countries around the world. We use a variety of sources, including news reports, government documents and social media, to gather information. We then analyze this information to identify trends and assess risks to individuals.

Litigation activities

The Clinic defends victims of violations of international human rights law by representing them in international litigation before bodies such as the European Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights, the African Commission and Court of Human Rights, and the United Nations treaty bodies.

In this context, the Clinic can either directly support a victim in his or her case, advising on the strategic litigation options available, or support a law firm or NGO in international litigation cases.

United Nations mechanisms

We have expertise in the various procedures that can be used to raise human rights issues before the United Nations. We are familiar with the work of special rapporteurs, treaty bodies and other UN mechanisms, and can help you navigate these procedures and ensure that your voice is heard.

Pre-litigation reports and strategic analyses

The Clinic manages the preparation of pre-litigation reports aimed at establishing the means of defending the rights of victims in international proceedings. It produces comparative law studies for its partners on specific legal issues to help them prepare their litigation arguments, and advises them on the international litigation strategy best suited to the litigation situation in which they are involved or the case they intend to defend.

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