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Amicus Curiae

Amicus curiae, or "friend of the court", are briefs filed by people who are not parties to a legal case and who provide the court with additional information or legal arguments. Amicus Curiae can be an important tool for human rights clinics, enabling them to share their expertise and ideas with the court and advocate for the protection of human rights.


Aix Global Justice attaches great importance to Amicus. Firstly, this type of brief ensures that the court is aware of all the relevant legal arguments and factual evidence. Secondly, amicus curiae can help to inform the court of the importance of human rights legislation. Finally, amicus curiae are likely to sensitize the court to the importance of human rights legislation. 


Amicus curiae work can be a stimulating and rewarding experience. It requires a thorough knowledge of human rights law and an ability to communicate arguments effectively to the court. The potential impact of Amicus curiae can be significant, helping to shape the law and protect the rights of individuals and groups.


The Aix Global Justice Clinic has produced several Amicus Curiae for publication on this site. Since its creation, the Clinic has drafted and delivered several Amicus, notably for the European Court of Human Rights and the African Court of Human Rights.


The Clinic's work is carried out within the framework of partnerships based on trust and confidentiality. For the time being, therefore, the names of partners and the nature of commissioned projects remain confidential. For the same reason, as more than half of the mandates entrusted to the clinic are confidential, you will find below only a selection of the cases handled.

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