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Services and expertise

The Clinique aims to contribute to three missions in its field of expertise: research, teaching and service to civil society. To this end, it offers the following services and expertise:

Litigation activities

The Clinic defends victims of violations of international human rights law by representing them in international litigation before regional bodies and the United Nations.

In this context, the Clinic can either directly support a victim in his or her efforts, advising him or her on the strategic litigation options available to him or her, or support a law firm or NGO in international litigation cases.


Pre-litigation reports, legal studies and analyses : 

The Clinic manages the preparation of pre-litigation reports aimed at establishing ways of defending the rights of victims in international proceedings. It also produces comparative law studies for its partners on specific legal issues, to help them prepare their litigation arguments, and advises them on the international litigation strategy best suited to the litigation situation in which they are involved, or to the case they intend to defend.


Amicus Curiae

The Clinic takes part in international trials as a third-party intervener before regional human rights bodies. In such cases, it aims to enlighten the regional judge on aspects of international human rights law that are at stake in the context of specific litigation.

The doctrinal approach adopted by the Clinic most often consists in highlighting the comparative and inter-systemic perspective of the legal solutions proposed by international judges and bodies in response to a legal controversy at the heart of a particular dispute. Amicus briefs may be written exclusively by the Clinic, or in partnership with other clinics, NGOs or universities as part of joint initiatives.


Training and teaching :

The Clinic also organizes teaching and training courses in international human rights law for legal professionals, including lawyers, judges and activists. These courses can be organized on request, depending on available resources, both in France and abroad. The Clinique offers its training courses primarily to partners in developing countries who need to strengthen their technical skills in international human rights law.


Institutional support : 

The Clinic offers its institutional support services to NGOs and international organizations, including human rights protection bodies. Institutional support essentially consists of providing technical and legal support for the activities of these institutions, by producing legal studies on specific points of law on request, in support of the human rights protection activities of certain organizations. This type of action is carried out within the framework of one-off or long-term partnerships established with interested institutions, particularly those lacking the technical resources to undertake certain complex studies on their own, or simply wishing to collaborate within the framework of some of their actions.

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