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Geopolitical and legal watch

Paix mondiale

The Doctoral Clinic on International Human Rights Law explores the fascinating intersection of human rights and geopolitics. In collaboration with partners in France and abroad, Aix Global Justice navigates the complex landscape where human rights and geopolitical dynamics converge.


Beyond expertise in legal frameworks, the Clinic possesses a deep understanding of the geopolitical factors that influence the implementation and effectiveness of human rights in various jurisdictions. Working closely with our partners, we address the geopolitical complexities associated with human rights concerns. This holistic approach enables us to provide tailored support and advice, ensuring that refugees receive comprehensive help in tackling multifaceted challenges.


In partnership with our valued allies, we meticulously build compelling legal cases that enable lawyers to carry out their noble mission of supporting asylum seekers from the countries listed below.


Our partnerships are founded on principles of trust, confidentiality and professionalism. Please note that the examples presented below only give a glimpse of the impact of the work carried out by our clinic.


Bosnie Herzégovie


  • April 2023: Persecution of sexual and gender minorities

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