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New submission of an Amicus Curiae to the European Court of HR

We are pleased to announce that the Doctoral Human Rights Clinic Aix Global Justice has submitted an Amicus Curiae to the European Court of Human Rights concerning the right to abortion in Poland.

Produced by our case managers Indira Boutier and Nina Webert under the coordination of our Legal Advisor Lorraine Dumont, it addresses the following cases regarding the Constitutional Court’s decision to invalidate the legal provisions relating to abortion due to foetal abnormalities: K.B. v. Poland and others, (1819/21; 3682/21; 4957/21; 6217/21), K.C. v. Poland and others (3639/21; 4188/21; 5876/21; 6030/21) and A.L. - B. v. Poland and others (3801/21; 4218/21; 5114/21; 5390/21).

Guided with the general principles of International Human Rights Law, as developed by the European Court and other International Human Rights Law bodies, as well as with the decisions of the Council of Europe and the European Union regarding the rule of law in Poland, the Clinic shows that these cases raise fundamental questions about women’s rights and the core values of European democratic societies. It provides expertise and assistance regarding the questions communicated to the parties, especially in light of the principle of “non-regression” and of the international consensus on the right to a safe, legal and effective abortion.

Amicus Curiae CEDH
Télécharger PDF • 551KB


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